A Little About Me

Thank you for wanting more information about me and my motivation for working as a professional NLP Life and Business Coach.

Excellence in Life is the name I give my business because it reflects the attitude with which I approach all my activities, and it is the attitude which I propose to develop in my students and clients.

My Services and Skills

  • Business Coaching
  • Life Coaching
  • Personal Coaching

From a client:- “I loved your reflection on your 76 Amazing years. It shows your strength of character and your vulnerabilities, plus your insightfulness, wisdom and intelligence. To have reached the age of 76 and to still be such an inspirational person to so many is AWESOME (in the true meaning of the word)! You are still learning as you go, but more importantly you are teaching so many people who will live better lives because of you. ANTONINA BIVONA – you are making a difference and leaving your mark on the world. Please continue what you are doing and take very good care of yourself.”

Antonina Bivona
Antonina BivonaBusiness & Life Coach

My life is my work of art.

I Like To Help People

From my point of view, in this phase of my life, I am most interested in assisting people to advance in their personal and professional development.

In my experience, people enter into a relationship with a life and business coach because they are not completely satisfied with what they achieve and they are not sure what they really want out of life.

What helps people most in their quest for change and clarification is to become more aware of their own assumptions so that they can communicate more effective with all the people they deal with, at work and at home. When people are willing to examine and share their own assumptions with others, they become more flexible in their behaviour and their responses, more capable of embracing difference in other people, and they accept and effect change in a more competent and harmonious way, in accordance with their desired goals.

Clarifying one’s own assumptions is at the heart of getting to know what you want and how to get it.

I believe that NLP (Neuro-Linguistic-Programming) offers the technology to achieve these goals in a most do-able, elegant way.  More on ‘What is NLP?’

Why am I so passionate about NLP methodology?

Because, in my experience, NLP delivers unsurpassed results, in building communication skills and in effecting behavioural changes, in a do-able elegant way.

I have used NLP methodology in my teaching and coaching since 1990 with remarkable results, especially in the areas of information learning and retention, conflict resolution and cross-cultural communication, and with children and adults presenting motivation and learning difficulties.

My coaching and teaching style includes a mix of practical exercises, demonstrations, examples, listening attentively, discussion and information so that participants learn through their own experience in a fun and relaxed atmosphere, while applying the techniques to their own life situations. I am also often called to give presentations focused on specific topics to special interest groups.

Presentations are tailored to the needs of the participants and the group in question after consultation with the initiator, using appropriate examples and games to increase effectiveness both in the learning of the life skills and the application of what has been learnt.

As an example, here are some topics mostly required by businesses, support groups, schools, etc. for staff development, business goals and cultural change, etc.:

  • Teaching strategies for the introduction of new technology in the work place;
  • acculturation to work practices and new cultural directions;
  • matching values of the individuals and (values) mission statement of the business, thus developing the most fruitful synergy for the benefit of all concerned;
  • clarifying individual career goals and developing strategies for these to be nurtured and supported by the group;
  • conflict resolution at all levels;
  • issues of self-esteem; bullying, health, motivation; group identification etc… time and stress management, battle fatigue; post-traumatic stress

How I Can Help You

I notice, in my practice, that more and more people are wanting to pursue their life purpose, with unprecedented commitment, especially in the second half of their lives, when they often find themselves faced with major changes, such as a change of career, or relationship arrangements, separation from children, retirement etc. etc. It is important for me to see my efforts and my passing on whatever I have learnt, to those people who are ready to meet these challenges purposefully and with enthusiasm. What they want is reflection time and further strategies. And this I can provide for them.

Brief Academic Background and research interests.

My academic background is in Linguistics, Modern Languages, Cross-Cultural Studies, People Migrations Studies, and Australian Aboriginal Studies.

I migrated to Australia in 1971 coming from Italy, via Spain and London UK, where I had been working as an interpreter for a number of years.

In Australia, my long academic career has been characterized by my passion in searching and developing methodologies most effective for teaching and learning, especially in the acquisition of foreign languages in adults. Hence my studies in Suggestopoedia (Losanov 1966) and Accelerated Learning Techniques and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)

I hold a Certificate of Practitioner in NLP (Melbourne 1989/90) and Advanced NLP Coach (Sydney 2006).

During the last twenty years I have developed my private practice in life and business coaching applying NLP methodology, both in my coaching and in my courses.

Since I retired from full time employment (Victoria University), in 1997, I have moved to Perth W.A. and I have almost exclusively dedicated myself to Life and Business Coaching in a one to one setting. I have also developed several courses and workshops which I prefer to teach to small groups, maximum 12 participants.

I also offer family and business/ partners consultations, especially in the context of conflict management, and communication. I find this format the most effective for the participants to achieve the changes they want.

Preferred Format

I prefer small groups of 7 to 12 participants: I find this to be a very good number for people to get individual attention and yet benefit from the variety of interests in the group.

I am available on a voluntary basis for community projects. For further information, please contact me at my email address antonina@excellenceinlife.com.au

My 76th birthday!

Antonina Bivona, Excellence In Life
76 years! it is a massive number of years, I am in awe when I think I am this old, and I feel blessed with a feeling of aliveness, of joy and contentment and enthusiasm and above all gratitude that enriches my heart so.And for the future, I make the solemn promise to myself that I will not take for granted any minute of my life, that I will be grateful for all sparks of affection, friendship, compassion and love that are
shown to me.

I give thanks for this divine gift of 76 years of living:

For all the ups and downs, the cares, the real and presumed faults and errors along the way, for the moments of loneliness and the many challenges, for the glory of sunrise and  blue skies and roaring oceans, I give thanks.

My life: it has been an amazing and exciting ride, and it still holds the promise of more surprises and learning. And I give thanks. I am surrounded by so much beauty of Nature and generosity of fellow beings; the universe is providing for me and I am grateful.