Testimonials & Thank You Letters

testimonials and thank you letters

“Nina, your words are the harvest of a lifetime of planting, nurturing and mindfulness. Warmest thanks and all blessings to you too.”

Mary D. B. Melbourne

This morning I sit here and I am overwhelmed with gratitude, a little teary eyed and feeling wonderfully blessed. After our conversation while walking along the beach the other day I feel a renewed sense of congruence, as though I have the skills and the ability to claim back my power in a way that is compassionate and understanding toward others. I reviewed what you had suggested when I got home and again the following morning to be sure I would recall it easily and I’m looking forward to putting my ‘new’ skills into practice this week.

I also love the “hats” idea – especially when it comes to discussing finances with a specific person. In the past I have felt like a child whereas reframing to “financial advisor” and “student” feels far more OK to me.

Thank you Nina for all your wisdom, kindness, generosity and guidance.

Sue R. Project Manager

I so enjoyed our session yesterday. Fantastic! Fantastic! Fantastic! The insights were amazing and explain so much about where I am at. 
What you said about a garden not being “complete” but a work in progress, (a process) made so much sense. It has inspired me to “get on with it” and what a metaphor…
Karen M. Psychologist. Perth

NLP has changed my life immensely as I now have options in the areas of my life I never thought I had and to me this is very important.

Ann P. Business Owner, Melbourne

Your NLP Course Exceptional People Communication Skills has given me new teaching tools, especially in the main areas of classroom management and motivating the children. Also in managing my time, as a precious resource.

J.Z. Primary School Teacher, Perth

During this period she has provided me with periodical life -coaching and facilitation sessions. I initially engaged her services to clarify my career goals: this aim has progressed into a clarification of my personal as well as my professional development plans.
Doing Journaling with Photos was certainly an integrating experience for me, not always easy, but mostly a joyous celebration of life.
Could I have put together such an album on my own? Probably yes. But having a facilitator there with me was instrumental in overcoming the times when I might have given up, and when my motivation seemed to flag. Also being in a group we learned so much about each other and about ourselves. A revelation at times of memories forgotten. Thank you”
A. D. Retired Teacher Perth

Nina is obviously a very experienced practitioner who has matured the methods she uses and confidently chooses the most appropriate ones depending on the context. Her approach stimulates and promotes clarity by asking appropriate questions. I was always very positively surprised by Nina’s presence during each session: by this I mean that Nina responds to what arises in the session appropriately and promptly with a rich range of different exercises that deal effectively with the issue there and than. I found the exercises very powerful both in shifting old patterns in accepting change, and in creating new behaviours. I have now many strategies that I use in my everyday life, strategies which enable me to access my resources and deal more effectively and less stressfully with challenging situations. As a result I am a better communicator, more able to enjoy my work and more competent in dealing with the changes brought into my work environment.

David B. MD. London UK

New career direction
It means that I tell my conscious mind the way I want to feel and not the other way around (the way it used to be) ‘I’m driving the bus’. I now set goals more often and as often as I set them I also convincingly and successfully complete them. I have also witnessed change in another person in the work environment as a consequence of my changing my behaviour and my thinking: this was very powerful and resulted in the development of much better communication with staff and clients.
Trisha H. Bodymind Therapist, Perth
NLP has also helped me look at life from the fence rather than from one side of it.
Changing your language CAN change your life…
DW, Graphic designer and now enthusiastic Student of NLP
Stress management
I am aware of being able to be more in cause than effect. Less depression, more able to get myself more into state of equanimity and going with flow.
Trisha H. Bodymind Therapist Perth

In a situation of particular distress at work when major changes were happening in my work environment and dysfunctional dynamics were affecting me negatively, Nina helped me to clarify my role and the boundaries of my responsibilities, with very effective exercises, delivered over one hour weekly phone sessions. I found this very impressive.

David B. MD. London UK.

I am more aware of what I want in my relationships. Thank you Nina for all your help and support.
Patricia H. Bodymind Therapist, Perth
I am using every day the techniques we learnt on reducing and dissipating stress. Journaling has become a habit for me: an unexpected side benefit of creating my own album with Journaling
Natalie B. High School Teacher
I have now many strategies that I use in my everyday life, I now deal more effectively and less stressfully with challenging situations. I am a better communicator, more able to enjoy my work and more competent in dealing with a demanding and fast changing environment. Your coaching has provided me with exciting results, both in my private life and professional role.
David B. MD London UK
Thank you so much for a wonderful workshop today. Such a lovely group of people; I am looking forward to sharing more in writing and relationship groups.
Karen S. Business Director
Thanks so much for coming last Sunday and being a part of the afternoon celebrations, it meant so much to me. You are one of three people who have greatly impacted my life for the better and I am very grateful for this. With your guidance and wisdom I am the person that I am today and doing everything that I love in life. Thank you so much for always being there for me.
Nicki M. Executive Manager Perth
Thank You Flowers
Your coaching has provided me with exciting results, both in my private and professional life. Thank you My initial intention was to clarify my career goals: this aim has progressed into a clarification of my personal as well as my professional development plans.
I am now a better communicator, more able to enjoy my work and more competent in dealing with all situations, both domestic and in the work environment.
David B MD. London UK.
Thank you for your wonderful wisdom. Yes I agree, words are very powerful, thank you for pointing this out. I didn’t realise the words I was using. I feel better already!
Pam D. Home Maker Perth

Given the geographical distance my work with Nina has been done mainly over the phone. I have found Nina’s sessions very well timed and always relevant to the issue at hand. Nina’s approach is warm and personalized and her interventions helped me to increase my self confidence as well as my professional confidence.

David B. MD London UK

Career and Life experiences
NLP has invigorated my interest in my work, especially after doing your course Metaphor for Lasting Change. I am now using some of the techniques successfully and more consciously than before. I am more aware of the importance of my own and others’ values in choices made and I feel more able to ‘go with the flow’ More able to ‘experience’ rather than be questioning about what is ‘right’
Pat H. Perth

Nina, I am also very grateful for the one to one sessions that we have had and I feel a tremendous change. It is more amazing seeing the dramatic difference in the home.

Karen M. Psychologist Perth

New challenges
I just wanted to say thank you for everything that you have done over the past 12 months. As I said I am feeling a little scared, however, I think back to how it was for me when we first started working together and know that I am more than ready to take this exciting challenge on. You were sent to me with a gracious heart and I know that with your support I have so much to achieve.
Happy new year to you
Graham S. Business Owner
More aware of the importance of my own and others’ values in choices made
Nina has always been very aware of the possible issue of dependency that could emerge between the practitioner and the client. She has always worked very openly and efficiently to minimize this possibility, by fostering a relationship based on mutual respect and collaboration, always encouraging me to take credit for my own achievements, and making her interventions always transparent: for example, she always informed me of the techniques used and explained on the details of the process when I required to know, more in depth the details of the methodology, therefore. I have learnt much about the actual methodology of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and I find myself using successfully some of the basic techniques with my own clients, as well as in my dealings with family members. I have no hesitation in recommending Nina as an excellent life coach, and facilitator of change both in the contexts of career and personal development.
David B. M.D. London UK
Life experiences
More able to ‘go with the flow’
Sometimes I use more imagery than before.


More able to ‘experience’ rather than be questioning about what is ‘right’

More aware of how to create rapport
I am more accepting of life and other states. Better rapport with others generally, and much more assertive.
Good outcome with difficult neighbours recently. A little more persistent in creating rapport and going for outcomes that are suitable for me (and others) rather than staying in ‘whinge’ mode.
Patricia H. Bodymind Therapist
NLP has also helped me look at my use of language. I understand now that one of the most powerful NLP teachings for me is the language, this too has helped me change by focusing on positive language and removing the negative.
Mary C. High School Teacher, Perth
I have become more aware of all my resources.  I thank you, Nina, for your belief in me and in my abilities. I thank you for showing me how to change my thoughts, to seeing intelligence as a part of my circle of resources as opposed to something I was sometimes wishing to escape in the most horrible of ways. I thank you for teaching me to breathe, and to wait in relaxation. My time management has been extraordinary. Thank you again for the things you have opened my mind to.
Alison B. Psychologist Perth

Dear Nina, thank you so much for your time, insights, and information which bring clarity and true meaning to my life.

Emma T. Manager Perth

I am a 37 years old Medical Doctor and General Practitioner. I work in central London UK.
I am delighted to give a reference about Nina Bivona as a most effective and inspiring life coach and NLP Practioner.
I have been working with Nina for over a year now, with exciting results, both in my private and professional life.
David B. MD. London UK

Testimonials for: Workshop Setting Well Formed outcomes at the beginning of the Year

Thank you again, Nina, for bringing a wonderful group together and guiding us through a very enlightening process. I feel fulfilled, rejuvenated and excited for 2014.
Karen D. Psychologist Perth
It has been two weeks now since my session and I can confirm that I have been able to put into action many of the steps we worked out together. I am firm in my commitment and feel happy at the close of every day about my actions and my achievements. I am keeping up the habit of finding at least three things to be grateful for, at the end of each day. Fantastic feeling. Thank you for your guidance and for being an inspiration for me. I look forward to our next meeting.
Anthony C. Business Manager, Perth
This workshop was a very timely one for me. Under your guidance, I was able to make important distinctions about my thoughts and resolved the conflicting interests that had been blocking me for ages. Thank you. I look very much forward to the follow up one to one session.
Heather F. Counsellor Perth
Your questions made all the difference, I was fascinated by the way you put questions for us to clarify what we want. We often don’t really know what we want, do we? Thank you Nina.
Verity G. Perth

Testimonials after Summer Equinox

Thank you Nina for your counsel, your modeling, generosity, friendship and spirit.
Ann H. Business owner, Perth
My gratitude is for you and your extraordinary talent for changing lives. Mine is so much bigger and brighter because of you Love,
Heather K. Counsellor Perth
My eternal gratitude to you for showing us innumerable ways to be true to ourselves, so that we can be of better service to humanity. Love always,
Verity G. Perth
Dearest Nina I thoroughly enjoyed and learned so much during these last couple of years. I have learned much about others, but most of all I have learned so much about myself.
I know that I am a different wife, mother, daughter, and friend in so many ways because of you and the many lessons of life you have shared.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am really looking forward to spending some more time with you in my journey of life. You are a true inspiration and my mentor now and beyond.
Nicki M. Director and business owner Perth
Life’s loop: my discovery through your teaching and for that I am eternally grateful. From your life student
Paul S. Regional Sales Manager
Another wonderful year. Thank you Nina for assisting all of us in empowering ourselves and making a difference in the world. Love,
Keith R. Executive Manager
Thank you Nina, for bringing out the richness in our busy lives that we can easily lose with work, family and aging. It’s wonderful to be living properly again!
Sarah F. Director perth
I always enjoy all the rituals and workshops you conduct. My life is so much better and happier for you being a part of it. I and the whole family send you love and thanks.
Cathy L. Personal Trainer Perth

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