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Introductory Workshop dates and venue to be announced according to demand

Here is a quote about photography that rings true to me after I have recently collated a album for a fifth birthday gift:

“Life is like a camera….
Focus on what is important,
Capture the good time
Develop from the negatives
And if things don’t work out,
Take another shot.”

Are you ready to create a treasured photographic keepsake that encapsulates your most memorable moments?  Come and join us in this exciting series of workshops designed to use the process of selecting, ordering and collating photographs, images and memorabilia to encourage  personal discovery in an atmosphere of fun, and creativity, supported by two very experienced facilitators Karen Denise Murray and Antonina Bivona   read more on their profile

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What are the benefits of participating in these workshops?

Imagine being able to make a deeper emotional connection with people you love and care for through sharing your life experiences with your treasured pictures, images and memorabilia

Here are some comments from people who have undertaken this process:

“In Journaling with photos workshops, I discovered an unexpected way of expressing myself with images, rather than words and this has been precious discovery, and deep learning.”

“This has been much more than a regular scrap booking course. It is a life journey discovery rather than a collage. I was attracted by the concept of doing a visual record of my life. Doing this in a class setting with direction added much to our enjoyment, and to learning more about ourselves. This has indeed been a creative Personal Discovery Journey for me. Thank You!  

“Doing Journaling with Photos was certainly an integrating experience for me, not always easy, but mostly a joyous celebration of life.

“I am using every day the techniques we learnt on reducing and dissipating stress. Journaling has become a habit for me: an unexpected side benefit of creating my own album with Journaling with Photos. Thank you”

Could I have put together such an album on my own? Probably yes. But having a facilitator there with me was instrumental in overcoming the times when I might have given up, and when my motivation seemed to flag. Also being in a group we learned so much about each other and about ourselves. A revelation at times of memories forgotten. Thank you” 

“Your guidelines helped me greatly in completing the work I had set out to do. I am thrilled to have created a historical document -my very own Work of Art – full of treasured photos and memories to share. I also  found great pleasure in showing this to my family when I recently visited them overseas”

“I am delighted with the whole experience and happy to say that at the completion of the first, I have photos for at least three more albums to collate. So I will continue journaling with photos for a while. And I love it! Thank you for your guidance and support during the making of this important birthday gift”

Who will benefit from participating in these workshops?

We can all gain from reflecting on past events, recovering forgotten memories and documenting our own history for ourselves and significant persons of our choice. The opportunity to journal-however briefly-brings surprising insights and adding photographs and/or memorabilia makes the experience even more meaningful.

So, whether you are a parent, grandparent, holiday maker, teacher, traveler, young or old, you will find this activity a very powerful way to rediscover your experiences and an opportunity to create a keepsake for yourself and significant persons in your life.

Joyous or difficult all memories are precious.

All life events and special moments are suitable to be featured in such an album:

  • significant birthdays of one’s own, or of loved ones
  • weddings, anniversaries and memorable events, precious
  • graduations, competitions, sport achievements
  • old and new homes and places, departures and arrivals, farewells
  • migrating
  • relocating in a new Country,
  • adventures and holidays
  • changes in your garden through time
  • learning journeys, healing journeys – yours and others’ and
  • many many more events and activities of your choice

Just imagine being able to make a deeper emotional connection with people you love and care for, through sharing your life experiences with your treasured pictures, images and memorabilia.

Send me an email expressing your interest and we’ll let you know when our next Introductory Workshop is going to be, where you’ll be meeting the facilitators: Nina bivona and Karen Denise Murray.

Brief Profiles of the Facilitators: Karen D. Murray and Antonina Bivona

About Antonina Bivona:

I am a Certified Advanced NLP Life and Business Coach, with a long history of work in universities, industry and private practice. My motto is: “My actions create my life”

To learn more about my activities and methods of teaching/learning, please see my website:www.excellenceinlife.com.au

About Karen Denise Murray:

I am a Certified NLP Life Coach with a degree in Psychology. I have working experience in marketing and research in the health industry. More recently, I have been coaching in private practice. In 1998, after the birth of my son, I discovered the personal journey and joy of capturing memories of precious life events in beautiful albums.

I have run several creative album workshops over the years, giving clients the opportunity for reflection and self discovery while commemorating  life events.  My motto is: “There is no inherent value in only one perspective”

Introductory workshop Saturday 29th March

Other dates to be announced according to demand

Follow up workshops: monthly for six months

$ 75 per person for three hours (10.30am-1.30pm)

Venues: to be confirmed

For further information and/or to show interest please email:


Website: www.excellenceinlife.com.au

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