Are your values in line with your every day actions?

In this letter I am talking about the importance of matching your values to your every day activities: A very important life skill. It makes the difference between coping and thriving.

You may have “tried” hard to bring changes in important areas of your life, but you found that after an initial success, and/or a superficial change the old behaviours (and even the old demons) return. That is an indication that your values and beliefs are not in alignment with your every day actions and. your goals

How to find out:

At the end of each day ask yourself:

  • What are the most valued activities, I was involved in today? What results have I achieved?
  • What are the values I have manifested by my everyday actions?
    Irrespective of what you wish you might hold as a value, your actions tell you what you actually have put your time and energy into.
  • Look at your daily actions as if they belonged to another
    person and establish what values those actions actually show,
    Are they manifesting what you think you value most in your life?.
    Are you surprised by your answer?
  • Is there a good fit between your values and your actions?
    If there is a misfit between what you really value and
    what you actually do (and the goals you have been going after),
    this is a major area of stress for you. You may feel a
    lack of satisfaction, a feeling of uselessness, anger,
    wanting to blame others and generally a feeling of lack
    of purpose.

When your values and actions are not in alignment, consulting a professional life and business coach may really help you clarify your values and beliefs and point you towards finding more satisfaction and meaning in your life.

What are the advantages of working with a life and business coach?

One of the roles of a good life and business coach is to help you clarify your most valued priorities, hold you to your values, and help you set your goals in line with your values.

A good coach will also be encouraging you to notice and celebrate your successes and all your achievements, no matter how small, they might appear. For that is how confidence is built up by acquiring a mental habit of expecting success.

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