Journaling With Photos: A Creative Personal Discovery Journey

Personal Development Workshops With a Difference

Here are some comments from people who have undertaken this process:

“In Journaling with photos workshops, I discovered an unexpected way of expressing myself with images, rather than words and this has been precious discovery, and deep learning.”

“This has been much more than a regular scrap booking course. It is a life journey discovery rather than a collage. I was attracted by the concept of doing a visual record of my life. Doing this in a class setting with direction added much to our enjoyment, and to learning more about ourselves. This has indeed been a creative Personal Discovery Journey for me. Thank You!

“Doing Journaling with Photos was certainly an integrating experience for me, not always easy, but mostly a joyous celebration of life.

Could I have put together such an album on my own? Probably yes. But having a facilitator there with me was instrumental in overcoming the times when I might have given up, and when my motivation seemed to flag. Also being in a group we learned so much about each other and about ourselves. A revelation at times of memories forgotten. Thank you”

“I am using every day the techniques we learnt on reducing and dissipating stress. Journaling has become a habit for me: an unexpected side benefit of creating my own album with Journaling with Photos. Thank you”

“Your guidelines helped me greatly in completing the work I had set out to do. I am thrilled to have created a historical document -my very own Work of Art – full of treasured photos and memories to share. I also found great pleasure in showing this to my family when I recently visited them overseas”

“I am delighted with the whole experience and happy to say that at the completion of the first, I have photos for at least three more albums to collate. So I will continue journaling with photos for a while. And I love it! Thank you for your guidance and support during the making of this important birthday gift”