Why Coaching?

People engage in coaching generally because they want a supportive and trained professional who can help them find out how to improve/change their present situation: they either want more of what they have already achieved, with less effort, or they want something different. At times people engage a coach because they do not know what they want, and the coach provides the appropriate guidance to find out.

In a coaching relationship you- the client- get the space to clarify your values, your assumptions and your goals with an experienced and well trained person in the process of bringing about your desired goals.

The skill of a coach is in encouraging you to find out what really motivates you, what are your core values and how you go about manifesting them in your every day life. In the case of misalignment between values and goals/actions, a skilled coach helps you find the clarity necessary to bring about a more generative way of thinking, so that you can achieve your purpose in a congruent, relaxed and successful manner.

Language & Coaching

Since language is the major tool we – as human beings- use to program ourselves, a good coach is attentive to the language you use and prompts you to learn more precise and more positive language to improve your communication, both with yourself (self-talk and affirmations) and with others.

“ ….Coaching is a superb tool for unpacking and clarifying ….it is based on equality: the expertise of the coach is a skill in the process of helping, rather than an expertise in a particular body of knowledge…..Coaches assist, challenge and encourage rather than direct, advise or teach. A coach will not tell you what to do or how to do it. Not only will you yourself work out what you want and choose how to go about it, but also in the process you’ll learn more about what motivates you and what gets in your way. You’ll also begin to develop skills for self-management that go far beyond the issue that started you on your journey.” (from The Coaching Bible, by: Ian McDermott and Wendy Jago, Plaktus Books Ltd, 2005). I would recommend you read the above book, if you want to work with a life coach as well as if you want to become a coach.

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