When you feel that “things have to change”, or when change imposed on you seems too rapid, whether at home or at work; when you feel you could use a supportive partner with whom to sound ideas and resolve difficulties, when you want to acquire further and more effective communication skills; develop new strategies to take full advantage of your strengths and transform your limitation; be more motivated to achieve what you want in life, that is when entering into a coaching partnership will prove of great benefit for you or your employees.

Who will benefit from life and business coaching sessions?

  • Men and women looking for a new direction in their career, and/or in their personal life;
  • people who are asking themselves questions about meaning and purpose;
  • business people wanting to clarify their business goals and find a balance between work and family life;
  • managers who want an edge on the cultural changes introduced into their work place,
  • couples and partners who want bring clarity into their relationship and resolve issues and conflicts;
  • teachers confronted by many challenges in the classroom,
  • social workers dealing often with most difficult situations and crisis
  • parents and teenagers
  • students etc. etc.

Every season of life has its particular challenges

My courses and my life and business coaching offer life skills and strategies to confront and resolve these challenges.


I get great results through using strategies and processes inspired by NLP ( Neuro-linguistic-Programming), which is still at the cutting edge in the field of behavioral and cognitive sciences. Learn more about What is NLP