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Journalling with Photos

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Spring Equinox 2011 Celebrations

The weather was very challenging, windy and cold, but we had a half hour window of opportunity around 4pm and were able to do our ritual: reading and planting seeds and seedlings.

Because of the wind, voices did not carry well;  so I only said a few words of introduction and the others have written their […]

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Exceptional People Communication Skills Course Profile

I have just posted information for Exceptional People Communication Skills Course

This course will benefit parents, couples, counselors, teachers, students, supervisors, business and sales people, anyone interested in and determined to improve their communication skills in all areas of their life, relatiionships, business, sport, study etc.

For further information please email me and we will arrange a […]

Pruning the Orange Tree: a Metaphor for Decision making

Using metaphor in practical every day living.

And why do metaphors work, when you want to introduce a new pattern of behaviour?

Here is an example in which we can clearly see how using a metaphor purposefully, helps us learn about our habitual behaviours, in this case in the context of decision making process.

A client of […]

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Whale shark adventure

I went swimming with the great whale shark!  It’s an awesome experience.   A heady mixture of fear and excitement, which slowly gives way to wonder and a sense of union with the Ocean.

I ask myself: why have I waited so long to do this?

I am so delighted and excited to have made the trip to […]

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