The weather was very challenging, windy and cold, but we had a half hour window of opportunity around 4pm and were able to do our ritual: reading and planting seeds and seedlings.

Because of the wind, voices did not carry well;  so I only said a few words of introduction and the others have written their thoughts in the card: so here they are in written form, people’s thoughts including those who weren’t able to be present, but had asked to be included in our celebration

Introduction, after washing of hands and welcome

“The Spring Equinox concludes the winter that has passed, and welcomes the spring to come.

This year, the wintery weather reminds us that Spring rather than a time of easy gatherings, is a time for using one’s reserves, sustained by the  promise of renewal, and emergence. It is a time for initiating new ideas and projects, a time when we are required to exercise creativity, great patience and perseverance, effort to nurture new projects, and hope that the seeds we have put in the ground will sprout and grow and bear flowers and fruit.

Planting a seed is an act of faith, I remind myself  this every time I put seeds  in the ground; and when  I see them germinating, I am always surprised as if witnessing a miracle, for what is this immense energy that can produce a living plant, no matter how small the seed, if not a miracle?

In the same way, in my work, I find myself instructed by what I learn while gardening: I find myself planting new ideas, and even more often- and perhaps more compelling- is the task of uncovering what is already there, the treasure within, hidden by apparent “weeds”, old, disempowering habits and thoughts, which obscure who we are, hide the qualities and gifts we have, the genius that inhabits us and guides us towards our purpose in spite of our prejudices and even blindness to acknowledge to ourselves what we have already manifested. Take advantage this Spring time, to look for the evidence, the manifestations of who we are, celebrate the talents we already possess and give thanks for all the gifts showered on us.

We have gathered the rosemary, let it be a symbol of memories of regrets and thoughts that bind  us to the past, and placing it into the fire let it be transformed into feelings of acceptance, hope for the future and gratitude for the abundance that is all around us, in this beautiful planet. 

Guiding thoughts  sent by various participants:

“ We are fortunate to be surrounded by abundance. It’s about looking at life and knowing that we have everything we need for complete happiness and then being able to celebrate each and every moment on Earth ( Wayne Dyer)

“ Abundance is nothing we acquire, it’s something we tune into, If you connect in your mind, the rest of your life will fall into place”(Lao Tzu)

            “The beginning, which is thought, finds its end in action. The fruits are first in our thoughts, but only in the end, are they truly seen. When you have done the work and planted the tree, when the fruit appears, you read the first words.” (From Rumi A Spiritual Treasure compiled by Judy Mabey Mannavi II 970:2)


 “The most precious thing in life is uncertainty. In everything no matter what, uniformity is undesirable. Leaving something incomplete makes it interesting, and gives one the feeling there is room for growth. (From Essays in Idleness by Kenko, a 14th Century Japanese Buddhist priest)

This reading “about uncertainty” proved especially suitable for the day, for the weather brought in a sense of uncertainty and the fire was difficult to light, but then- thanks to Zoran’s efforts and competence-, the flames actually burst out as we were just ready to leave the circle and plant the seeds, so our twigs were indeed burnt and transformed and next morning I gathered a beautiful amount of ashes which I put on the plants. Thank you Zoran, again.

“Be patient towards all that is unresolved in your heart. Try to love the questions themselves. Do not seek the answers that cannot be given, because you would not be able to live them. And the point is to live everything. Live the questions now. ( Rilke)

Wattle Song  by Jim Lowe was played.

Poem in Italian by Enza Do I dare translate?! 

 “ I wish you a shell full of surprises: green, turquoise and colourful fishes; May Spring bring awesome colours, crystal clear flowing waters, love”

Thank you everyone for such lovely scrumptious food and drinks

Blessing the food: “In this food I see clearly the presence of the entire Universe supporting my living and my life. And I give thanks” (A Buddhist blessing)


Quotes participants have written in the card:

Happy Spring Equinox: may the harmony of the Universe be with you.

May we all love in joyful spring!

New Beginnings with a change in the season.

Happiness to us all.

…I always feel a little enlightened and uplifted.

The Earth laughs in flowers.

A time to remember acceptance, love and compassion, as an integral part of every season.

Let us all have health and happiness in equal amounts!

Happy “springlying with love”

Love to see new life come from dry branches with big hope for the future

May spring bring the joy of colour and laughter with the flowers in the garden and the wind blowing gently through the branches.

A blustering wind welcomes change.

Thousand blessings: may we all be healthy and happy.

A lovely gathering of people to celebrate the Spring Equinox: love and thanks. Enjoy the Spring